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PowerNet Wireless is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). What this means is that we use microwave technology to create a wireless network of towers and connected subscribers in and around San Angelo, Texas. We deliver internet service to individual locations by placing an antenna on the roof. This antenna picks up an encrypted wireless signal from one of our network towers located around the city. We also have many towers outside the city in areas like Wall, Grape Creek and Sterling City. We’re adding more all the time.

From the roof, we run a shielded Ethernet cable to your router or telecom closet. There is a small power supply with primary connection to our network. Our installation is much like a satellite TV installation. On the roof, we install a mast-mounted antenna, which is clamped to pre-existing structures. If necessary we can place a mast at an external wall near the roof line. We do NOT penetrate the roof membrane except in extreme situations and only with expressed approval from the building owner.

While most of our installations are successful, there are a few limiting factors:
• Obstructions such as trees, billboards, taller buildings, or surrounding topography. Unobstructed line-of-sight must be available between the antenna on your roof and one of our network access points.
• The building is too far out of network range to maintain a reliable internet connection. Take a look at our coverage area.
• Unreliable roof access: access to the roof must be available and safe.
• Limited mounting locations on the roof, due to a steeply pitched roof or unreliable roof access.

Please call us if you have any questions. 

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